Product Care

Our bags are made of high quality leather and require certain basic care to make sure they keep in perfect shape as long as possible.


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 Here we give you some advice to make the best of your bag and to always make it look amazing:

  • All our bags come in an organic cotton bag. Use it every time you want to store your bag so as to avoid marks in the leather.

  • If you’re going to store your bag for a long time, stuff it with paper so it doesn’t lose its shape. It’s important not to pile or put heavy things on your bag. 

  • If leather gets wet or dirty, dry it with a clean, dry cotton cloth.

  • Don’t overstuff your bag. Too much weight might ruin its shape.

  • It is not necessary to use any cleaning products on your bag; a damp cloth will do the work.

    Packaging cotton bag Belli Grau

    As with all natural products, each of our bags are unique and will have their own individual natural markings and characteristics. A certain aging of the bag according to your wearing habits are characteristics of real leather and set this natural product apart from artificial materials. We carefully check our leathers to ensure that they are of the highest quality and only use tanneries who supply top quality ethically sourced leather.


    For more information: info@belligrau.com