If you’ve come this far, it means you’re part of our universe.

Belli Grau are Carla and Sol, two friends who came together to create a project that reflected their deepest passion. A project inspired in nature, in the beauty of imperfection and in women.

We make leather handbags, timeless designs meant to last a lifetime. Handcrafted in Spain, with love 

We create timeless collections, where quality and longevity go hand by hand.

The design process

Behind every great project, there is a great team. We got it!

To value the work that people who surround us do is part of what we do. They are on this journey with us and that’s why it is so important to know who they are, which is their story and why they chose this road. We believe that when people love what they do, they reflect that energy onto every moment. We have worked in fashion for many years and we know that sometimes working conditions aren’t the best. This is something we won’t allow to happen in our project. We care about the people who work with us and we make sure that they work in appropriate conditions. We also have direct contact with them and that let us follow our bags production closely and be sure that we offer premium quality products. All our production is mediterranean and complies with the highest quality standards. 

Sobre nosotras
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Sol & Carla