If you know anything about the fashion industry, you probably know that many times working conditions aren’t good. When we started this project, we knew that we wouldn’t be involved with companies or factories that weren’t open about the way they treated their employees. That is why we decided to work with an independent artisan, Manolo, who is in charge of our whole production along with his brother. 

Manolo has his own workshop in Madrid. He does all the Job by himself with the help of his brother. He works at his own pace and he puts the price to his work. As a result, he provides us with one of the best handmade bags that you will ever see and feel. Manolo is passionate about his job and he has been doing it for years. That mix between love for what he does, his experience and the freedom he has at the time of working can only bring good results.

We at Belli Grau are extremely happy for choosing ethical work and we are committed to stick to it as we continue to grow as a company.